Our investment thesis in these countries is based on the combination of a favorable business environment derived from legislative and regulatory structural changes, potential for development upside and operational improvements, and leveraging dislocations between capital market and fundamental values, as well as other factors of which we could benefit in the short and medium term. We believe that success in acquiring and developing assets in Latin America requires a mix of technical expertise, operating and commercial experience, solid industry networks and proven leadership that spans across the region’s key energy resources and which we believe that both Riverstone and our Management Team possess. Additionally, we intend to maintain financial and operating flexibility to allow the Company to quickly capture attractive opportunities and effectively compete against other local or international companies in the industry.

Our value creation strategy consists of identifying and consummating an Initial Business Combination and then building and operating a leading publicly-traded oil and gas company in Latin America that will become a local partner of choice for industry players and investors. Our acquisition strategy will leverage our Management Team’s network of business relationships, knowledge and operating experience in the oil and gas industry to identify assets that represent actionable and material opportunities to effect positive operational transformations or expansions to increase shareholder value.